Jerome Foster II

Jerome Foster II is a 17-year-old African-American climate change activist, virtual reality & artificial intelligence developer & business owner, and harvard environmental law dual-enrollment highschool student, and MIT climate science dual-enrollment student. Jerome leds strikes in front of the White and Capitol with Jane Fonda. He coordinated and led the climate march from the White House to the Supreme Court as apart of Greta Thunberg's Climate Strikes Movement. Jerome is the Founder and Executive Director of OneMillionOfUs which is mobilizing a new generation to young people to register and turnout to vote in the 2020 Elections. He is also a Smithsonian Ambassador, a National Geographic Icelandic Explorer, a Certified Climate Reality Leader, and interned for Congressman John Lewis at the House of Representatives for 5 months. Jerome in 10th Grade founded a now international youth-led climate focused news outlet called The Climate Reporter which has writers out of 11 countries. Jerome has won the World Series of Entrepreneurship and has been featured in TIME Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Teen Vogue, Telemundo, ELLE, Axios, VICELAND, and many other news outlets. He also has been awarded the Amnesty International Ambassdors of Conscience Highest Human Rights Award alongside Greta Thunberg and other youth climate leaders. Jerome has written op-eds on Yes! Magazine, E&E News, and UNICEF and has spoken on a panel at the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, interviewed with Vice President Al Gore.



Plastics in the Ocean

This project is a VR Experience were you are learning about how plastics is destroying our world and you can explore the beach front and see the various forms of disposable, yet indestructible plastic. If you travel into the ocean, you can see the gyre. I made this environment to show the extent to which plastic is affecting our oceans and land. Building this VR Experience I learned how to realistically animate and color static meshes.

Built in Unity 3D (Version 2017.3.1f1)

Download Project (2 GB)


Oil Refinery Pollution

This Virtual Reality environment is an experience where people are able to see how a oil refinery looks and it pollutes the soil and pumps CO2 into the air around it. I built this Virtual Reality environment because I saw a need for people to gain clarity about the reality of the fosssil fuel industry and how much of a toll it has on the environment. Building this project I learned how to recreate particle systems to resemble smoke.

Built in Unity 3D (Version 2017.3.1f1)

Download Project (2 GB)


Traveling Between Worlds

This is a Virtual Reality experience where people are able to wonder around an abandoned world with wierd natural architecture. I made this project because I wanted explore the extent that A-frame WebVR could render strcuturally sound terrain and how a height map normally interacts with a user and particle systems if the terrain is a static-body entity, rigid body entity, dynamic body entity, or default settings mode. In building this project I learned about how to layers entities to create an entirely new scene and how to make more realistic particle systems that interacts with the terrain.

Built in A-Frame

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Part I: La Bestia


Part II: The Wall


Part III: Death Valley


Story of migrant traveling from Guatamela to Southern Texas. You are put in the perspective of a young girl who has been seperated from their family. I made this Virtual Reality Project to show the truth about immigration from latin america to the United States, being that so many americans believe that migrants are only climbing over one wall but are traveling over 2,000 miles, through thick forests, desserts, and rivers to have a chance at living the American dream. Building this project I learned how to code in Unreal Engine 4, and maintain a realistism to all aspects of the project.

Built in Unreal Engine (Version 4.19.2)

Download Project (23 GB)


School VR

This is the first full Virtual Reality Environment I created, it is a Virtual Reality Recreation of Washington Leadership Academy(WLA). I made this VR environment because I wanted to thank WLA , especially my Computer Science teach Mr. Jordan Budisantoso for teaching me Virtual Reality and computer science in general. Building this Virtual Reality environment, I learned how to place 3D models, videos, audio, photos, 360 photos, and semi-transparent objects in a cohesive scene.

Built in A-Frame

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World of Clouds

This Virtual Reality Environment is an experience where you are falling down, to a random height map that resembles a snowy mountainous terrain. Also, I used random heights for a user to fall from, however, there is a range of randomization. I created this VR environment to play with users serory functions, by making them feel like they are falling eventhough they feel the ground they are standing on. While building this project, I learned how to how to do advanced animation such as the words evaporating as you fall, the snow falling, and the animation of how the land appears from below.

Built in A-Frame

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Programming Languages & Tools
  • Unity 3D Game Design, iDTech Princeton Camp
  • Certified Climate Reality Leader
  • 30 mini-games in 30 Days, Udacity


United Nations

Climate Activist Human Rights Speaker

Invited as the youth keynote speaker for the United Nations First Annual Youth Climate Summit at their headquarters in New York City.

July 2019 - September 2019

National Geographic

Virtual Reality Developer & Climatology Researcher

This is a global news blog that reports weekly about the events that affect our climate. I started this blog to document things that I care about especially in regards to our ever changing environment.

July 2018

Congressman John Lewis

House Congressional Intern

Developed Virtual Reality Environment for Congressman John Lewis’ Annual Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Completed a compare and contrast evaluation of proposed financial reform House bill which involved providing an impact assessment; introduced to the House of Representatives. Provided logistical support to the Washington DC Office such as letter written, gathering signatures from Congressional members to co-sponsor legislation. Meet with Congressional members regarding signatures to co-sponsor new legislation which advocated for free public college education.

Febraury 2019 - July 2019

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

Community Ambassador

International Ambassador presenting presentation teaching people to lessen their carbon footprint and educating about the climate crisis.

March 2019 - PRESENT


  • Coordinate with five of the nation's largest youth advocacy organizations which are gun violence, climate justice, immigration reform, gender equality, and racial justice
  • Organize national initiatives and events that education, energize, and mobilize millions of young people to register and turnout to vote in the 2020 elections and beyond.
  • Partnerships have been established with March for Our Lives, Earth Day Network, Women’s March International, Greta Thunberg’s International Climate Strikes, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, Greenpeace, Sierra Club,, Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays, and Rock The Vote.
  • Testified to the Senate Task Force Committee, Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • Engage with MSNBC, CNN, Democracy Now! and various other nationally televised news media to discuss climate change and this national youth voting education initiative.
March 2019 - PRESENT
  • Engage with MSNBC, CNN, Democracy Now! and various other nationally televised news media to discuss climate change and this national youth voting education initiative.
  • DC State Board of Education Highschool Graduation Requirements Task Force

    Board Member & Student Representative
    • Selected to serve as the only youth liaison for all of Washington, DC youth in the creation of the new High School Graduation Requirements for the class of 2030 and beyond.
    • Provided expertise and experience to propose amendments to the DC-wide High School Graduation Requirements.
    August 2017 - June 2018

    Emerson Collective

    Virtual Reality Intern

    Developed a Virtual Reality environment telling the story of a young migrant girl traveling the arduous journey from Guatemala to Southern Texas.

    March 2018 - July 2018

    Citizens Climate Lobby

    Government Relations Intern

    Coordinated with city-wide elected officials, community organizers, business leaders, and conservationists to coordinate the logistics of strategic initiatives to reduce Washington DC’s carbon footprint. Testified in front of and meet with DC Council Members to advocate for the passage of the Clean Energy DC Act which after 14 hours of testifying and three weeks of meetings, we gained unanimous support to pass the largest decarbonization legislation bill in the nation which made Washington DC win several awards for its leadership in sustainability. Currently, Washington DC is one of the world’s most sustainable cities in the world thanks to the work that is continually done as a result of the Clean Energy DC Act.

    July 2018 - January 2019

    The Climate Reporter

    Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    Delegated article creation for youth journalists from 11 countries. Liaised with frontline communities and recruited youth/adult writers to tell the story of how their community is being impacted by the climate crisis. Fostered partnerships with youth-led & indigenous-led environmental organizations for partnerships.

    November 2017 - PRESENT


    Washington Leadership Academy Public Charter School

    High School
    Washington Leadership Academy is a public charter high school in our nation's capital. It was founded on the idea offering its students a 4-year computer science and civic leadership education. The computer science based courses I have taken so far are:
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • Virtual Reality and Civics
    • Front-End Web Development
    • Hardware Repair
    Class of 2020
    GPA: 3.78


    Apart from being a virtual reality developer, Jerome is also very passtionate about styming the climate crisis. When Jerome became interested in Computer Science, he was not only excited about coding, but he got excited thinking about how computer science could be used to envoke empathy, provide mass insight, and expand grassroots movements.

    Jerome believes that computer science is the catalyst to changing things from being scarce to abundant. Gives examples such as abundant education on green technology, abundant access to clean water based on AI intelligence to generate fresh water from salt water and countless other possibilities. He explained that computer science is as much about coding as it is problem solving and the problem he wishes to solve is the Climate Crisis as well as other civic issues. One of his main life goals is to help change the world from being a technological titan and ethical child to being a titan in both.